GROUP OF COMPANIES ENGLOBAL is the construction holding mainly acting as the General contractor and the General designer, ensuring its competitiveness by continuous introduction of innovative construction technologies and solutions due to constant membership in such international associations as IASS, FIB, IABSE, MBI, and MBSA.

The Company performed the fundamental role at the construction of more than 1 million square meters of residential, public and commercial facilities for 19 years of its history.

The main trends of the Company are - to build qualitatively, effectively, economically, use eco-friendly materials and technologies in production of construction works, provide appropriate level of the best price/quality ratio and, most importantly, create ecological environment, paying enormous attention to conditions and safety measures in the course of our work.

The Company's employees have high professional knowledge and practical experience in the organization of the full construction cycle of real estate facilities, starting from development of the project concept, design, performance of installation and construction works, construction of internal and external utilities, facade works, finishing with management, operation, and maintenance of commissioned real estate objects for different purposes.

ENGLOBAL is constantly engaged in development and localization of new innovative technologies in the construction field, and was the first Company in the Russian Federation, which started to apply the Simkar construction technology, and embedded armature frames Comfitt for the advanced construction. The company's specialists are continuously developing and implementing new approaches to house building, including construction of modular buildings, which can become one of the priority areas for the development of house building in Russia.

The companies, which are part of the ENGLOBAL Holding, make investments in setting up new capacities for the production of construction products and structures. New design products on the basis of a metal framework, including light steel thin-walled structures are created in partnership with well-known companies OBM, ASTRON, and others.