Building No. 6 Residential Complex “SYMBOL” is put in operation.

Group of Companies ENGLOBAL put in operation the 6th building of the Residential Complex “SYMBOL”. The settlement of residents is taking place.

Construction of residential complex “SYMBOL”

The Group of Companies ENGLOBAL continues construction works for the project Residential Complex “SYMBOL”. Work is being carried out on the installation of facades, masonry and […]

Underground part for the Building 7 of the Residential Complex “SYMBOL”

On-going work is being performed on the installation of monolithic reinforced concrete structures of the underground part for the Building 7 of the Residential Complex “SYMBOL”.

Russian Business Week

The group of companies ENGLOBAL participated in the environmental forum of the Russian Business Week held by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs in the […]

“Day of Know-How” conference

Leading industry professionals gathered at the Skolkovo Innovation Center for the discussion of innovations in energy-efficient construction within the “Day of Know-How” conference on Wednesday, February […]