Continuous improvement of the efficiency and competitiveness of our activities through the implementation of the advanced innovative technologies, relying upon main trends of the Company - to build with high-quality, efficient, cost-effective, use environmentally friendly materials and technologies in the performance of construction works, ensure an appropriate level of price-performance ratio and, most importantly, create eco-surroundings.

1Project management

Successful implementation of various and complex projects for 19 years of work allowed the Company to accumulate significant professional experience and knowledge in the field of building operations, construction and installation works, to form a highly professional team that can effectively solve problems of any complexity and provide a variety of project management services at any stages of its implementation from the development of the initial concept of long-term project development, coordination and approval of the architectural design and construction solutions, development and approval of the required initial permit documentation prior to involvement of credit financing, commissioning and subsequent management of real estate, as well as providing a full range of consulting services in this area or investing in real estate facilities in cooperation with partners.

2General contracting

Since the Company creation in 2000, the core competencies of the company are effective organization of the construction process, maintenance of a high quality of construction and installation works with constant implementation of the advanced technologies, compliance with safety measures and good working conditions, partnering with the Customer at all construction stages of the facility, which allowed to establish strong basis for the successful organization and granting of highly professional services without subcontracting in the field of General contracting due to the vast professional experience, theoretical and practical knowledge of the Company's founder.

These services include as follows: organization of effective construction process for the facilities, implementation of the entire complex of general construction works, design, installation of internal and external engineering services, implementation of specialized works on the installation of building facades of any complexity without subcontracting, organization of strict control and compliance with the quality of construction and installation works at all construction stages with the subsequent transfer of as-built documentation to the Customer and commissioning.


Group of Companies ENGLOBAL can organize the design of objects with high degree of complexity, performing all of the design stages from the conceptual design to the detailed design documentation. We act as the General designer. Development of the project documentation is carried out by the qualified experts, who work with the use of high-tech computer systems. Quality of the executed works is reached due to the experience of employees and the modern approach to management at our Company.

We cooperate with the leading Russian architects and foreign experts.

As the result of cooperation with Mosproekt-2, Mosproekt-4, TsNIIEP Zhilishche, NIIZhB, TsNIISK named after V.A. Kucherenko, NIIOSP, the following projects were developed: the Conservatory named after P.I. Chaikovsky; office building in Raketny Boulevard, 16; trade and office complex with the hotel "Cheryomushkinsky market"; LOFT-quarter "Danilovskaya Manufactory"; residential complex "Lesnoy ugolok" in Khimki, etc.

4Modular buildings

Technology of three-dimensional modular buildings construction is the construction principle, which attracts great interest of potential consumers and wide range of Russian and foreign investors. This technology helps to achieve significant time savings, up to 50% from the project start to its completion.

Work at the plant can be started simultaneously with the work on the construction site, so that these two processes run in parallel, therefore there is the result in savings. The innovative technology of modular building construction meets energy efficiency standards. The production of modular buildings is environmentally friendly. Approximately 96% of the construction waste remains at the plant, where the modules are assembled, so the construction site remains clean. All waste is sent for recycling.

5Facade works

The Company has learned from its own long-term experience in implementation of projects of various degree of complexity that the execution of facade systems of individual buildings is one of the most complex types of work that requires special attention, the highest degree of responsibility and professionalism.

The difficulty in implementation is that in this part of the building structure the simultaneous solution of several important tasks is required and it's connected with a building esthetics, providing reliable heat and waterproofing, stability of the building, as well as accurate observance of investor’s and architect’s requirements.

Reasoning from this fact, the Company decided to carry out all works on the facade systems, as well as monolithic works with the use of its own resources, for this purpose a reliable material base and necessary structural divisions were formed to ensure as follows:

  • development of shop drawings, structural engineering drawings;
  • development of maintenance requirement cards and method of statements for facades;
  • establishment of direct contacts with manufacturers of facade elements in order to obtain high-quality products and complex, professional maintenance during installation;
  • continuous training of the Company's experts, who directly carry out installation works of the facade systems.

The Company worked on the facades of such buildings in Moscow as residential building in Ostozhenka Str., 11; The Geneva house (Petrovka street, 7); Atrium of the Central Children's Shop in Lubyanka. These objects are executed with the use of rare natural stones and undoubtedly are the most recognizable in the city.

The success of the Company is achieved by the high professionalism of experts, who can use various systems for creation of facades, its combinations, correct assessment of the capabilities of participants; finally, this eventually leads to the desired result.

Taking into account its experience, the Company offers a full range of services for the installation of facade systems of any complexity with any features of the project in the agreed terms with consistently high quality of work.

6Monolithic reinforced concrete works

The Company made a decision to carry out this type of construction work with its own resources, taking into account the accumulated professional experience, as the frame construction of individual building from monolithic reinforced concrete is decisive for the project timing, its cost and quality of all works affecting the whole construction process from the moment of its creation.

For this purpose, a reliable material base and the necessary structural subdivisions were formed - the group of experts for development of maintenance requirement card and method of statements, providing:

  • manufacture and supply of necessary reinforcing and embedded elements;
  • complete set of own and borrowed resources of the necessary formwork type;
  • high quality of production and reliable control over the work progress.

The Company owns more than 15 000 m2 of high-quality formwork for various purposes, unique enclosing, self-elevating framing scaffolds of the PERI system and other equipment for performing of monolithic works.

Considering this, the Company offers a full range of services for the construction of frameworks of individual buildings made of monolithic reinforced concrete, the building can be of any complexity and with any design features, construction will be performed within the agreed time with permanently high quality of work.

7Metal buildings for business

JSC GC ENGLOBAL takes an active part in the search, evaluation and subsequent introduction of new design directions and construction with the use of advanced construction technologies aimed at the overall efficiency increase in the entire construction process.

The Company actively promotes and implements projects with the use of modular building construction and frameworks made of light steel thin-walled structures, we have extensive experience in building of original attic floors with the use of technology.

GC ENGLOBAL perform designing and carry out construction works on the turnkey basis for buildings of various purposes in cooperation with the well-known construction manufacturers of light steel thin-walled structures.

These building complexes can be used for the processing of agricultural products, production buildings, supermarkets, complexes for cleaning and maintenance of vehicles for various purposes, administrative and household buildings and other similar facilities.

8Reconstruction and restoration

Extensive accumulated experience allows the Company to solve successfully problems of any complexity in reconstruction and adaptation to the updated requirements for certain buildings and the entire complexes, including buildings of great historical value.

ENGLOBAL has developed and successfully implemented complex projects for the reconstruction and restoration of buildings in Moscow. This is a large reconstruction of the Loft Quarter "Danilovskaya Manufactory" in cooperation with the "Azimut" hotel at the address: Moscow Varshavskoe highway 9; Smirnov's warehouses on Sadovnicheskaya Str., 57; Tverskoy Boulevard; the Central Atrium of Children's shop on Lubyanka; business center "Red Rose" and other projects.

The successful implementation of these projects is based on the Company's individual and delicate approach to the set tasks, which includes the creation of 3D model of the combined project for all engineering systems, use of voidformers in slabs in order to avoid problems with underpinning of foundations, correct integration of vertical transport and utility shafts, and other advanced ways and measures for the implementation of reconstruction and restoration, which we apply in the designing and implementation of these types of work.

One of example of such work was the vertical structures used during reconstruction of the "Azimut" hotel, at the same time; it was also adapted for vertical utility shafts in order to obtain additional free areas.

9Urban land improvement and external utilities

JSC GC ENGLOBAL sees its mission in creation of the new environment, which, probably, is the most evident in accomplishment of works on the territory improvement.

The Company approaches to the implementation of these works with careful preliminary preparation, taking into account the existing objective difficulties in locating of the construction site and materials, organization of transport accessibility, impact on the environment and residents.

The most complicated and successfully executed project of the Company on the territory improvement was in the very center of the capital of Russia on Tverskoy Boulevard, the work was performed in the shortest possible time and with the highest quality.